Martin John Callanan, Certificate of Existence

Certificate of Existence is a self-portrait by the artist in the form of an original legal document that certifies that Martin John Callanan appeared before a notary on the 16th October 2013, identified himself as Martin John Callanan and was pronounced in existence at this time. The work is a unique legal document in a series of 20, differing by the time each document was witnessed.

Certificate of Existence, 2013 is a unique work in series published to coincide with an exhibition of new and ongoing work by Martin John Callanan at noshowspace in October 2013.

Alistair McClymont

noshowspace is pleased to announce its new project space, opening with a solo exhibition by Alistair McClymont.

Alistair McClymont, born in 1978, studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He is currently artist in residence at the Art House Foundation in London.

Unexpected phenomena and chance are often the starting point for McClymont's work. While on a plane journey from Madrid he took a photo from the window at the same moment that the strobe on the end of the wing fired. On a previous journey he noticed how a crisp packet on a plane would inflate like a balloon. These two occurrences at high altitude formed the basis for the work Untitled with inflated steel form that takes up the front room of the gallery.

Unix Time is an artwork that exists as an iPhone/iPad application available to download and projected in the back room of the gallery. Unix Time shows a 24 hour time lapse of the sky, with one minute of real time taking one second. A long number is overlayed on the sky showing the current time in unix time, the number of seconds since midnight, 1st January 1970. Every second this number increments by 1. Unix time can be seen as the birth time of modern computing, an alternative epoch to the Gregorian.

Leap Second is a series of artworks showing the 24 leap seconds that have been added to our time so far. Leap seconds are added occasionally due to the earth gradually slowing down, primarily due to the tides. This slowing can not be predicted, but its effect means our time gradually goes out of sync with the position of the sun. Leap Second, 30 June 1972 - 23:59:60 is the first leap second, 78796800 in unix time.­

In February 2013 McClymont will have a solo exhibition at CAM Raleigh, US. Recent exhibitions include: CA2M, Madrid; Mexico Gallery, Leeds and Construction Gallery, London.

For further information please contact the project space on 020 7613 0089 or

noshowspace, 13 Gibraltar Walk, London E2 7LH