Alistair McClymont, untitled

Edition of 20. Giclée print. Somerset Photo Rag 300gsm. Paper size 410 x 410 mm. Image size 380 x 253 mm. Frame size 450 x 450 mm. Signed and numbered on front.

The limited edition print untitled, 2012 is published to coincide with the solo exhibition of Alistair McClymont at noshowspace in May 2012.

The image is a photograph taken by the artist from a plane window of a strobe firing on the plane wing. The photograph captures a moment of exceptional chance, the wing light fired in the same instance as the shutter release much as a flash bulb fires with flash photography.

The blinding light in the sky comes with a perfectly rational explanation to do with aircraft safety and yet the image has a sublime quality of the unknown or unidentified that can be read as out of this world.

The work untitled, 2012 has featured significantly in recent exhibitions by McClymont. It is the artist's first print edition and is available ahead of a busy year with upcoming exhibitions including CAM, Raleigh and Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland.

Alistair McClymont, born in 1978, studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He is currently artist in residence at the Art House Foundation, London. Recent exhibitions include: CA2M, Madrid, Mexico Gallery, Leeds and Construction Gallery, London.